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Invisxtension By Kelly™
Hair extensions so invisible the only person that will know is you!
  • What are Invisxtensions?
Invisxtension hair extensions are the hottest new way to apply hair extensions without risking the health of your natural hair!! This method is 100% natural that requires NO BRAID, NO SEWING & NO GLUE!! This extension method can last up to 3 months.

  • Will the Invisxtensions damage my own hair?
When properly installed & maintained, this method will not damage your hair. Its actually more healthier than a sew-in

  • Can I wash my hair everyday, workout & swim with Invisxtensions?
Yes! You can wash your hair, get blowouts, color your hair without ruining your Invisxtension.

  • How many bundles and what kind of hair is provided with the service?
If your hair is thin you will need 2 bundles/packs. If your hair is thick you will need 2-3 bundles/packs. Kelly creates the Invisxtension weft herself out of 100% Virgin hair. This hair can be wavy, curly, or straight. It comes in Brazilian and Malaysian textures. ALL of the hair can be pressed out bone straight. To get the hair back to its natural curl pattern, all you have to do is wet it and let air dry.14"-24" are available and the hair WILL NOT SHED OR TANGLE! 

  • Do I need a relaxer or can my hair be natural?
This service is great on relaxed, natural, or in between stages of growing out your relaxer.

  • What day does Kelly offer this service on?
Kelly offers this service Tuesday-Friday by APPOINTMENT ONLY!

  • Will I be able to pull my hair up into a natural looking ponytail and/or bun?
Of course!! WIth Invisxtension your styling choices are endless!!

  • How are Invisxtensions removed?
They are removed in the salon with a organic remover that is not harsh on your hair and is 100% natural. The removal of Invisxtension is $25.


  • No need to come in for a tighten up, because no thread or sewing is involved.
  • No more braiding of your natural hair causing breakage or too much tension on your edges. This is a good way to grow your hair!
  • You can run your fingers through your hair without feeling lumpy braids, or lumpy wefts.

Introductory prices are valid through June 30,2015. 

2 Bundles 100% Virgin Hair Included with Invisxtension: $254.99
3 Bundles 100% Virgin Hair Included with Invisxtension: $304.99

Pricing above does not include a shampoo.